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Apance is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs with unrivalled reliability and limitless customisation. Apance is an e-commerce platform for Direct to Consumer brands need a highly customised digital experience for their shoppers.

Reliability is our number one goal because entrepreneurs can not grow their business with e-commerce platforms that fail. Entrepreneurs need to rely on our platform to grow their business.

Unlike Shopify or BigCommerce we offer limitless customisation and expert support. That makes us a long term tech partner for our client brands.

Project Manager

Singapore, 10 hours / week

- track todo’s for each project
- set and track milestones
- track progress towards milestones
- help review completion of work
- hold project meetings with clients
- note on agreed plans with clients
- follow up with clients and internally about todo's

Salary: 1600 S$ / Month

- Previous experience in planning a website project or digital project
- Have used tools like Clickup, Notion or before
- have an eye for design and what makes good web stores
- can read, write and speak international english

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Web Developer

Singapore or Remote, 16 hours / week, 1600 S$ / month

About this role
As a web developer with Apance you will be responsible for developing for the web based on designs and requirements. You help plan our projects from a technical perspective together with a project manager. You spend most time coding and testing in html, javascript and css.

You'll receive on-the-job training to understand more about design, development and e-commerce. Our vision is to help you grow into an expert software engineer or engineering manager. But we're open to support you in other career trajectories as well.

- Develop websites following the design and requirements
- Interpret requirements and figure out how to develop them
- Track completion in project management tools like Jira or Clickup
- Test websites to check what's complete and provide feedback to others
- Collaborate with a project manager to prioritise features
- Work as a team to estimate how much time development will take

Hours & Salary
- Hours: 16 hours a week
- Salary: 1600 S$ / Month
Hybrid remote + office or remote-only
- Singapore based company in central business district.
- We're flexible to find a working arrangement that fits your lifestyle
- If you're based in Singapore this role is only available to Singapore Citizen or Permanent Residents.

- You can show previous websites you've developed in html, css and javascript
- Have some knowledge of tools Webflow or Shopify
- Have developed in Javascript, Html, Css without frameworks
- Some experience in web design tools like Figma or Sketch
- Some experience with tools like Jira, Asana or Clickup

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