Seamless Collaboration

Draw on the same canvas at the same time. Add layers, everything appears in real time on your collaborators iPad with Apance.

Organise Layers

Adding and ordering layers is visible in real time between you and your collaborators.

Resizing, moving or rotating a layer is easy with a touch-first UI. See layers move as your collaborators move them while online.

Share Projects

Give collaborators edit or view only access. Update someone's access right in Apance for iPad.

Realistic Brushes

With realistic brushes and editing tools, Apance has everything you need to create beautiful work with your team.

Colour Picker

Hold and move anywhere on the canvas to pick colours from your work or from pictures.

Colour Palettes

Organise colour palettes in the colour menu, or use your 'recent colours' to switch back to a colour you used previously. Colour Palettes help you create in consistent styles and take inspiration from the world around you.

Import Export

Import or export any image file from any other iPad app, or even Airdrop it to your phone.

Organise Projects

See all your shared and private projects in one place on the home page. Start new projects and see who shared projects with you.