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*for each shared cart that is checked out.


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Pricing FAQ.

How are shipments charged?

Each shipment that is sent to a shipping provider is charged the contract rate per event. Only succesful requests to shipping providers are charged as a shipment event. If shipments are sent to shipping providers by another platform on a succesful order, the shipment rate is not charged. This is when any shipping integrations by Apance are not utilised by your store.

How are orders charged?

Each succesful order that is placed by a customer is charged the contract rate per event. Non succesful orders, such as abandoned carts are not charged. If checkout happens on another site and does not use the Apance ordering system, no price is charged for those orders, as they’d not be in our database.

If a checkout fails and no order is placed, no order rate will be charged. Also if checkout happens with Apance’s checkout but the order is placed on another platform, also no charge is made for the order.

How are checkouts charged?

Each succesful checkout made by a customer is charged the contract rate per checkout. Non succesful checkouts are not charged such as abandoned or cancelled checkouts. If a checkout happens on another site and does not use Apance’s payment integrations, no charge is made for the checkout.

How is Shop Together charged?

For any shared cart where shoppers click ‘checkout’, the contract rate per event is charged for Shop Together. This is regardless of whether the checkout happens on Apance or on another platform, site or app.

How does the monthly invoice work?

Up until the total cost of events exceeds the minimum invoice amount, only the minimum invoice rate is paid for each month. Once the price per event exceeds the minimum invoice, the price for all events combined will be billed each month instead of the minimum amount.

How do I pay Apance for billed services?

You can use credit cart, bank transfer and other locally supported payment methods depending on your country.

How often will I be billed for Apance services?

For custom developments payments are in installments that can be spread out over multiple months. For platform monthly usage charges, you are billed monthly. Annual payments are possible for select customers with validated revenue and commited use.