Helping customers share to the same shopping cart, and checkout together. An industry-first technology that increases customer sharing.

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Shop in the same cart.

Customers can invite friends and family to shop in the same cart. Customers control access to receive only feedback or also let others add or remove products.

Shared carts are ideal for making decisions together, like grocery shopping or choosing furniture for a house.

Get feedback.

Share product suggestions live with friends, and get instant feedback. Shoppers come to buying decisions faster when comments are placed in the right context.

Shared Wish Lists.

Finally shoppers can add items to the same wish lists. Helping them coordinate faster which products are liked by a group.

Checkout Together.

Shoppers checkout as a group, or simply share feedback and let a single person checkout. Splitting the bill can happen at checkout with split payment between multiple parties.

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Use Cases.


Order Together.

Scan a QR code on the table and see what your friends are ordering. Coordinate with friends more easily about drinks and plates to share.


Furniture & Home.

Propose, mix and match items together to come to a nice interior. It helps customers making buying decisions faster by working together to explore options for their home.


Dinner Party.

Grocery shopping in a shared household needs coordination. Organising a dinner party with friends means providing for everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Bring Shop Together to your customers.

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